We donate 15% Gross of all payments made to these awesome organisations so that they can continue in their excellent contribution to this planet.


The Fred Hollows Foundation

From the website we learn that Fred Hollows had a vision of ending avoidable blindness. With the help of our partners and supporters, The Foundation is working to make Fred’s vision a reality.


An estimated 32.4 million people around the world today are blind and another 191 million  are visually impaired.


Simple interventions, such as inexpensive medication and surgery, can restore people’s sight, productivity and livelihoods, giving lasting benefits for individuals, their families and whole communities.

World Animal Protection

From the website we learn that Bears in captivity Brown bears are one of the largest species of bear and are native to Romania.


Their natural habitat includes forests and open plains, where their home range can reach hundreds of square miles. Sadly, this is not the life that the captive bears of Romania’s private bear owners and private zoos experience.


They are kept in inadequate enclosures, often on concrete floors that damage their delicate paws, with little in the way of enrichment and fed a nutritionally deficient diet.

Care Australia

From the website we learn that Women and girls can create lasting change if they have the opportunity to gain an education, access health services, generate an income and take a lead in their community.

Did you know?

  • Sixty per cent of the world’s working poor are women.
  • Women produce half the world’s food but own only one per cent of its farmland.
  • One in seven girls in a developing country will marry before her 15th birthday.
  • Each year of schooling can boost a girl’s future earnings by 10-20 per cent.
  • Children of educated mothers are 40 per cent more likely to live past their fifth birthday.

Educating women and girls provides the single highest return on investment in the developing world.



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